Born in the year when Robert Frank took his famous photo "Trolley-New Orleans"
Walking on the same land that Jesus walked on, two millenniums ago.
Doing everyday, what Ansel Adams describe as: "It is my intention to present - through the medium of photography - intuitive observations of the natural world which may have meaning to the spectators"

Operates the best camera for artists, as in:
"It has been said, that Canon is the best camera that engineers can make,
while Nikon, is the best camera that artists can use."( Larry Bolch).
Endorsing all available manipulation techniques in transferring a simple photo,
to become a raw material for the creative people in the advertisement community.
And always keeping in mind that:
Stock photography is not art, it's a commodity. (Hatcheckgirl)
Having said that, I am at all time doing my best to infuse a bit of my soul and a touch of my emotion in my photography.


  • Product Photography
  • Art Photography
  • Creative Photography
  • Photomanipulation
  • Digital Painting
  • Poster Design
  • Visual Arts


  • Post Production
  • Photoshop
  • Print